Leaf of Strigose Hydrangea, Leaf of Umbellate Hydrangea
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Wild sweet tea similar to the tea tree, camellia, camellia, for the perennial evergreen plants.Sweet tea is pleasant to the shade, grows in the high mountain steep wall miscellaneous trees, the height is generally 1-2 meters, the diameter is less than 2 centimeters.Sweet tea is not easy to grow, mainly wild natural growth, origin in the upper reaches of the qiantang river zhenwushan area.The leaves of sweet tea are oval with serrated edges. They taste slightly sweet, but do not contain sugar. They are natural sweet plants, suitable for diabetics.Wild sweet tea not only has the effect of ordinary green tea, but also has the effect of preventing cardiovascular disease, preventing stroke, preventing cancer, preventing tooth disease and so on. Local people from generation to generation, from ancient to present, have used sweet tea to cook rice dumplings, tea, tea porridge and other traditional habits.甜茶叶3.jpg