Achyranthes bidentata Blume
Section:Product Release time:2019-12-18 17:08

Xiushi odor bitter acid level, indications of cold and wet paralysis, limbs clonus, knee pain can not flex and stretch, by blood, injury heat rotten, long wear light body tolerance.It is longer than tonifying liver and kidney, strengthening waist and knee as well as activating blood and drawing blood downward.


1. Three high (high blood fat, high blood pressure, high cholesterol) population.

2. Those who want to improve liver function (patients with various types of hepatitis, fatty liver and cirrhosis).

3. People with low immunity, weak constitution and susceptible to colds.

4. Adolescents and adults lacking zinc and manganese.

5. People who want to prevent osteoporosis, osteomalacia, muscle spasm and spasm.

6. Patients with gallbladder, kidney, bladder and urethral stones.

7. Those who delay aging